Medicare Insurance

If you are approaching Medicare eligibility and are unsure or uncertain about Medicare and what your options are, we can make the process easy. We have extensive experience with Medicare Insurance. Whether you are leaving a group employer plan, or a spouse’s plan, or maybe you’re aging into Medicare eligibility at the age of 65, we can help.

How we help with Medicare Insurance

  • Choosing the right Medicare Supplement plan
  • Understanding Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage
  • How to choose the most cost effective prescription drug plan
  • How to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Understanding enrollment periods and penalties
  • How to avoid higher Medicare premiums

One of the biggest mistakes we see Medicare eligible people make is dealing directly with Medicare, and directly with the insurance carriers. We’re here to help you to navigate the Medicare nuances and secure a plan for you.

If you have general questions, and would like to discuss your options, Integrity Insurance Benefits phone number is the only one you need. Call our office today, or submit an inquiry on our contact page to get the process started.

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